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We, at Best Choice Testing Services, are committed to providing consistent on-time quality services in the field of inspection and testing, meeting national, international standards and specifications that satisfies the customer requirements and expectations with the help of well established Quality Management System, and commitment in complying with the requirements of ISO 17025 and ISO 17020, motivated employees and good working environment.

Quality, Accreditations & Approvals

BCTS understand that the customers depend on us for accurate workmanship, reliable results and knowledge about the expected performance and characteristics of their materials and products. That’s why quality is our top priority. All Inspection, Testing and Machining services are performed in accordance with current industry specifications, customer requirements and BCTS’s own stringent procedures. All procedures conform to ASTM, ASME, ANSI, API,AWS,AUSTRALIAN and ISO codes.

Our inspection and quality control system is in accordance with the following standards:

  • ISO/IEC 17025
  • ISO/IEC 17020
  • ISO-9001
  • ISO-14001
  • ISO 45001
  • BV Marine NDT
About us

Quality Policy

Quality policy as per our existing manual

At Best Choice Testing Services, we are committed to provide consistent on-time quality services in the field of Inspection and Testing, ensuring the relevant National and International codes and standards as well as the client’s expectations are met, all through the application of our established comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS).

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Radiation Safety

There is, understandably, a significant legislative control relating to industrial radiography. The majority of the requirements are in the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999, although there are many other statutory provisions for specific types and uses of ionising radiations.

BCTS undertake radiography work at the client’s premises. This site radiography must be notified to the FANR at least seven days before the work is started, and there is a requirement for BCTS to visit the site to complete a detailed and job specific assessment of how risks associated with the planned radiography will be controlled. These are statutory obligations and we would ask clients to notify BCTS of their requirements at the earliest opportunity to avoid delays in progressing work. We will always work with clients to ensure the site radiography is undertaken with minimum disruption to their normal operations and with a clear concentration on safety and risk control.