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Metallurgical Root Cause Failure Analysis performed at BCTS helps explain the reason a metal product fails to perform as expected or deteriorates to a point where it is no longer safe to use. Our metallography and failure analysis lab has the expertise required for the job. Our experts will help you understand the reason behind a metallic material failure.  We can also provide insight into preventing a similar failure in the future. The services of our metallurgical failure analysis team can be requested when an expert witness is needed.

Each failure analysis investigation begins with a background review of the material or part that failed. We ask customers to provide us with as much pertinent information as possible, including the composition and fabrication of the failed item, circumstances leading to the material failure, and details of the failure event. The information is provided most efficiently by completing our Failure Analysis Questionnaire.

Based on the type of product and its history, a root cause failure analysis will be performed using the necessary testing and inspection services to identify the cause of failure. Metallurgical failure analysis services may include any of the wide range of mechanical testing, metallurgical evaluation, chemical analysis, non-destructive testing, or dimensional inspection services performed at our “one-stop” laboratory.

When the metal failure analysis is completed, customers receive a comprehensive Failure Analysis Report with all findings from the investigation. This report may include recommended actions to be taken with similar parts or materials to prevent a recurrence in the future, as well as the following:

  • Description of the failed component
  • Conditions at the time of failure
  • Background service history
  • Mechanical and metallurgical data about the failed part
  • Evaluation of the material quality
  • Discussion of mechanisms that explain the root cause of the failure