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We carry out statutory and non-statutory inspections on equipment associated with activities in the Oil and Gas, renewables, infrastructure, water, petrochemical and marine sectors.

Our services are fast, flexible, cost-effective, and completely tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs.

We work to reduce a multitude of potential risks faced by our clients, such as non-conformity to contractual requirements, on-site production variations, revised specifications, sub-standard quality and materials, delays in manufacturing schedules and shipping.

We assist suppliers and manufacturers to implement and reinforce their own systems and look to drive improvements in quality, reliability and cost efficiency. With our support, conformity to specifications is monitored independently and any required corrective actions are identified and followed up locally on-site.

BCTS offers a wide range of Inspection activities to our clients:

We have the expertise to inspect and certify a wide range of lifting equipment which includes:

  • Third-party vendor and Source Inspection services
  • Project and Procurement Expediting services
  • Witness and Verification of critical activities
  • Quality Program Management
  • Quality System Audits
  • Supplier Capability Surveys
  • Status Reporting
  • Corrective Action and follow-up
  • ITP Reviews.

We have a dedicated team that works across the globe supplying inspectors on a daily and project basis.