Lab Facilities

BCTS is strategically located in Dubai, the heart of the Middle East, which facilitates easy access for our clients to our facilities ensuring the most efficient use of our state of the art infrastructure, as well as faster mobility of our technicians for external in-situ testing and Inspection.

With over 125,000+ testing & projects completed, the BCTS staff consists of experienced professionals in the disciplines of Mechanical and Metallurgical engineering. Our inspectors and technicians are certified by the ASNT / ISO Certification Body.

Our depth of experience allows us to offer unparalleled service for your project needs.


Equipment & Facilities

  • Full Metallographic, Chemical and Corrosion Laboratory
  • Mechanical Test Laboratory with all ranges of Tensile, Hardness, and Impact Testers
  • NDT Test Laboratory with Level II & III Inspectors for Radiography, Ultrasound, Dye-Pen, Eddy Current, Mag-Particle & Advanced NDT like PAUT, TOFD etc.
  • FANR approved RT vehicles, Radiographic Isotope Storage room, Film processing facilities

Machine Shop

The in-house machine shop has complete specimen machining capabilities to prepare specimens from metal, hardened steels, nickel-base alloys etc. Sample preparations for our chemistry* and metallurgical labs also begins in the machine shop, where the samples are cut to size for further refining in the test labs.

Machining area is built for high speed and large capacity specimen preparation. The machine shop is fully equipped with state of the art equipment, the latest software and highly skilled operators who complete all processes in house.