Mechanical Testing evaluates materials under conditions such as tension, compression and temperature. BCTS is equipped to provide the full range of Mechanical Testing services for metals and alloys with quick, reliable results and certified reports.

BCTS routinely assesses Mechanical properties including strength, hardness, ductility, impact resistance, fracture toughness, elongation and stress. The mechanical test results provide valuable information to help customers with selecting material, verifying material from a new supplier or evaluating a heat treatment process.

The combination of technical expertise, competitive pricing and faster turnaround offer an ideal solution for your testing needs. Standard turnaround is generally three or more business days, but faster services are also available in special cases.

Tensile Test

Through Thickness Tensile

Elevated Temperature (Hot Tensile)

Charpy Impact Test

Bend Test

Fracture Test

Flattening Test

Hardness Test (BRINEL / ROCKWELL)

Vickers Micro/Macro Hardness Test

Pullout Test

Proof Load Test

Nick Break Test

Shear Fracture Test


Mechanical and Materials engineers are available to help with unique needs and questions. Specimen preparation services for all mechanical tests are available in the house. Testing shall be carried out according to ASTM, EN, ISO, AS, ASME, AWS methods, and specifications.